Jake Haggmark.

The EarthChain Triplex is seperate from but dependent on the ground. The GodCrane constructs itself, questioning it's origin. Scheme GodCrane section. Process sketches GodCrane plan. EarthChaine plan. GodCrane plan. Captain Dust Masterplan 06 Captain Dust Masterplan 03 Captain Dust Masterplan 02 Captain Dust Masterplan

Captain Dust's league of happy gentle persons.

The duplex (GodCrane) and triplex (EarthChain) investigate a clunky abstraction of a primative to produce a doppelganger relationship that questions reality.

Jurassic Cranes

Team: Jake Haggmark
Location: ?
Studio:Jeff Kipnis/Captain Dust's League of Happy Gentlepersons
Size: House and neighborhood
Program: Duplex, Triplex, Master plan
Presentation: Video, hand drawings, study models, site model.