Jake Haggmark.

Dear Architecture,

How are you? I haven’t seen you in a while. My mother said she saw you at the mall. I tried to find you there, but when I finally found a place to park you were already gone. I’ve been thinking of you a lot lately. I paused on some stairs yesterday; the smooth, comforting texture of the railing reminded me of you. I felt your presence all the way down to the tread beneath my feet. I was calm, and connected to the ground you had stepped on, but when I walked through the door the feeling was gone.

A friend of mine said you had moved to the suburbs. She said there were a lot of nice people like you out there and that you would fit right in. When I drove out there though, nothing reminded me of you.

I constantly look for you in all the books, blogs, and magazines that document your elegant and intimate detail. I always draw when I think of you; imagining how beautiful you are and referencing images in the magazines. You look perfectly natural surrounded by so many people; and that same flock of birds chasing you in every city.

One day I was sure I saw you. From my window above, your beautiful curves appeared to blend and flow with the rhythm of your graceful stride. I hurried down and crossed the street, but you were gone. I felt lost in space, wandering, looking up and down the alleys for a glimpse of your silhouette. No one seemed to notice, or care. They just went about their day seemingly happy. They’d all be happier if they could have known you.

I remember all the fun we had in school and how much time we used to spend together. We would stay up all night reading books, making models, and sketching our ideas. In the beginning, I could find you everywhere: at my parent’s house, the grocery store, downtown. Hell, I even remember when I ran into you on that hike in the Adirondacks.

Maybe when I started work I had less time for you. I thought we were both too busy. I tried to stay focused on our future together. But it’s been a long time now, and I can’t find you anywhere. Do you miss what we had, Architecture? I miss you. When will you be back?

Lost without you,

Dear Architecture

Letter to architecture for Blank Space's Dear Architecture competition. This entry will be published in the book Dear Architecture. Available from Blank Space in early 2016.

Team: Jake Haggmark With Andrew Petty
Year: 2015