Jake Haggmark.

Front Yard Fruit

Franklinton, a food desert within Columbus, lacks resources to unite its community. Urban Farmers propose a new condition for a sustainable, agricultural, community. Program includes 37, three bedroom, two-story, terraced units, mounded for sun exposure on the gardens, over the underground parking/utility space. Pushed to the north half of the site by a sunken field, all units face south and are linked to the field via ramped pedestrian walks. Units are accessed by two transverse walkways. Fully glazed southern facades enhance light penetration. Corten steel paneled Northern facades mimic barn cladding texture. East/west facades slice under the field with textured concrete with punched windows arrayed randomly reproducing patterns found in nature. Bedrooms and storage comprise the private first level, encouraging use of elevated living spaces, greenhouse, and terraced gardens above. The Result brings the field up onto, and into the units expressing private gardens providing a view of the field.

Team: Jake Haggmark, Emily Neymeyer + Deepti Padiyar
Location: Franklinton, Columbus, Ohio
Date: Winter 2011
Studio: Rob Livesey + Mike Cadwell
Size: 205' x 630' (three acres)
Program: Residential
Presentation: Diagrams + Drawings + Model