Jake Haggmark.

Wind Installation 02 Wind Installation 01 Frame wraps existing columns for support. 3000+ cans. 6000+ squares. Wind Installation 03 Wind Installation 05 Wind Installation 04

Hidden Delight

In the spring of 2010, SCASLA held a design competition at The Knowlton School of Architecture to create an installation expressing sustainable design. The winning entry was designed by Alex Ruiz and Jake Haggmark. Their installation reveals the hidden power of wind through sight and sound. Over 3000 pop cans were re-purposed and reformed in to hanging squares that swung and jingled in the breeze. Viewers were dazzled by the assortment of label colors and able to walk through the center of the installation. The wood and screws were donated by a concrete contractor and reused as form-work after deconstruction. The installation was on the front porch of the KSA in Columbus, Ohio from mid July to early September 2010.

The fabrication and installation process can be viewed in the video below.

Land8 Paradis Express

Team: Jake Haggmark and Alex Ruiz
Location: Columbus, Ohio
Date: 08-2010
Client: SCASLA
Size: 40' x 10' x 12'
Program: Installation
Materials: Wood frame with deformed aluminum cans.